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myRiverside MyChart is your secure online health connection. With myRiverside MyChart you can have access to your electronic medical record and take it wherever you go.

Stay up to date on your and your family's health

Get In The Know

myRiverside myChart text messages, starting on November 1.

On November 1, myRiverside myChart is adding text messages as a form of patient notification. For consistency, we will automatically enroll all patients with the cell phone number on file. With text messaging, getting updates on your health has never been easier. You’ll even be able to customize the messages sent to your phone.

After November 1, if you’d like to adjust the frequency of the text messages you receive or opt-out altogether, you can easily do so. Visit and sign in to your account. Once signed in, select “Your Menu” and find “Communication Preferences.” Choose the type of communications you’d like to receive on that page and hit “Save Changes.” That’s all there is to it!

If you have an issue or want assistance adjusting your settings, you can always call our Help Desk at (815) 928-6000.

We genuinely hope you find text messages from myRiverside to be beneficial in helping to improve your care

With myRiverside MyChart You Can:

  • Check test results
  • Schedule appointments
  • Message your doctor
  • Pay your bill
  • Review health records
  • Request refills
  • Grant *friends & family access
  • Schedule ahead with Immediate Care
  • Schedule Virtual Visits
  • Complete eCheck-in before an appointment

myRiverside MyChart App        

Latest myRiverside MyChart Features:

Friends & Family Access

myRiverside MyChart is making managing your healthcare even easier. We've made it less stressful to grant friend & family access to a family member(s)  myRiverside MyChart and it only takes a few clicks.

  1. Log into your myRiverside MyChart account
  2. Click Health
  3. Share My Record
  4. Select Friends and Family Access. Once the invite is sent, your friend or family member must accept the invite in order to grant access.

*Some Restrictions Apply:

Consenting Minors: Written signature of both the parent and the teen are required for a parent's myRiverside MyChart access to records of a patient 12-17 years of age because of federal and state consenting minor laws.

Wards of the State: myRiverside MyChart access to records of a ward of the state (e.g., child, disabled individual, elderly) must be authorized by the appropriate State agency. Additional questions, please call myRiverside MyChart Help Desk at (815)-928-6000.

Wait List (FastPass)

See the doctor sooner, add yourself to the Wait List in myRiverside MyChart, and get notified with a FastPass offer when an appointment opens. FastPass offers will come via email or text, depending on your communication preference.

How to get on the Wait List

  1. Log into your myRiverside MyChart account
  2. Click Appointments
  3. Select Future Appointment
  4. Click "Get on Wait List" FastPass offers are sent out in the evening and awarded on first-come, first-serve basis.


Speed up the check-in process and use myRiverside MyChart eCheck-in

With eCheck-in you can:

  • Answer health questionnaires
  • Confirm any current medications, allergies, and health issues
  • Verify that your insurance and address information is accurate
  • Pay your copay

You'll receive an appointment reminder 7-days before your appointment, which will include a link to eCheck-In. However, make sure to simply let the front staff know that you've arrived for your appointment so they know you're there!

Save time before your next appointment by using this convenient new feature - to begin eCheck in:

  1. Log into myRiverside MyChart
  2. Select My Appointments
  3. Click My Upcoming Appointments
  4. Choose your appointment and begin the check-in using the eCheck-in Section.


We believe our patients should be able to actively take part in their healthcare from outside of the office and myRiverside MyChart gives our patients just that. As a patient schedules an appointment, an active myRiverside MyChart account will be looked for on their record. If no myRiverside MyChart is available, patients will first be asked to confirm their email address and once the appointment is made they will automatically receive an email with their myRiverside MyChart activation code. Once the code is emailed, patients can open the link via email and begin the simple myRiverside MyChart set-up process.

*Patients can enroll in myRiverside MyChart without making an appointment, visit to get started.

Riverside MyChart FAQ

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